Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Some AMAZING news . . and Marshmallow Flumps!!!

Well, I am so high I am in the clouds!!!!

Yesterday I sold my mosaic table to someone through Misi, my first sale on there! I had forgotten it was on there to be honest, and was concentrating on putting smaller things on etsy instead!

But then I checked my emails and nearly collapsed in shock! I just sat there saying OMG, OMG, OMG until my brother said that if I said that again he would smash the table up!

They have paid and everything, so just got to get it delivered to them by courier and pray they like it! (and that none of the pieces fall off!!!)

So I guess that maybe now I can call myself a proper "mosaic artist"?!

I have another pretty green table and lots of ideas for my next design! I couldnt make another one until that one had sold or I may have ended up with so many tables I couldnt sell that I could start a cafe!

I have also been busy with my fimo and sculpey, I think I was craving sugar because I made lots of yummy treats! My favourite is this flump bag charm, I already have a comission from my sister to make her one!


  1. Hello Mosaic Artist :-) Great news!!!

    Love your flumpy bag charm too - great fun

    Jan xx

  2. Congratulations you. A surprise sale like that can so lift your confidence.

  3. Wow... well done you... it is a beautiful table though, but its nice to know that your work is appreciated and some cold hard cash makes that appreciation all the better... ;D

    I love the flump charms... you are so clever!

    x Alex

  4. A fellow cupcake !!! Hello, I wanted to leave you a comment because you have such a wonderful blog. I've been really absorbed reading your creative posts and you have beautiful pictures as well - and a perfect header shot. Thank you for sharing them all and best wishes... have a great weekend (well, what's left of it !)

  5. Hallo! Your blog is so lovely, the colors, the dots, the patterns...!!!
    Congratulations for your projects, your mosaics are so beautiful!!!

    If you like, visit my blog absolutelygirlythings.blogspot.com . I would like to hear your opinion!