Thursday, 22 January 2009

Cupcake Paintings

We have recently decorated our kitchen, and one of the walls looked a bit bare but we didnt have anything suitable to put there. So I decided to get creative and paint my own pictures!

I found some pictures of cupcakes on the internet to use as a guide (I can copy but not paint from real-life or memory!)and painted them with acrylics onto thick acrylic paper.

In the meantime I covered some squares of MDF with a dark cream emulsion (I got a tester pot of the colour I liked). Once this was dry I marked out a border and painted this dark brown with acrylics. I probably should have used masking tape to get a neater edge, although I quite like the slightly uneven look, kind of rustic!

Once the cupcakes were dry I outlined them with a black colouring pencil, cut them out and stuck them to the boards with PVA glue. A few coats of clear varnish and they were done!

Anyway, apologies again for the poor quality pictures, still no batteries for my camera! But I will be swapping these pictures for better ones once I get it sorted!


  1. WOW, WOW, and WOW!!! You're painting is amazing. I love these. Great job!! You should sell some like these, wow. I couldn't paint to save my soul, except by numbers lol!! Cupcakes are my new love! Beautiful Job!


  2. Those are wonderful!
    What a good idea too :)

    ~Buffy x x