Saturday, 24 January 2009

A Cute Little Fish Mobile

Another busy day crafting for me today!

A friend of my Nan's is related to someone who works at a very poor orphanage in Russia. They do a great job looking after the children who either have no family or whose family cannot look after them, but they have very limited funds. For quite a few years my Nan's friend has been sending out big packages to the orphanage, which we have contributed to. My Nan knits loads of bright, cheerful jumpers for them, my Mum knits, crochets and also makes them patchwork blankets. And we buy bits and pieces, clothes etc to send to them too. They are so pleased to get these parcels, they always email loads of photos of the children trying the jumpers on, sleeping under the blankets etc. It is heart-warming!

Well, anyway, I was flicking through the Cardmaking and Papercraft magazine yesterday and there was a gorgeous mobile to make in it, using die-cut circus animals. You might have seen it? And I thought, wow, it would be lovely to make some of those for the little Russian children.

And here is my first attempt, with lots of fish and starfish on it!

I am planning to make a few different ones, but this has taken me all day!!!! I had to make the fish templates for my robo to cut first, then cut it, then stick it all together. But I am really pleased with it!


  1. Fabulous, and what a lovely idea to help the little ones.

    Well done you!

  2. What a wonderful thing to do. I can picture the smiles the mobile will bring to those gorgeous little faces.