Sunday, 18 January 2009

A productive weekend - cards, quilling and of course cupcakes!

I have been busily making a few cards today. I am planning to give them to a local charity shop to sell once I have a nice big pile as I am not selling anything myself at the moment.

Firstly, I had made some cute little quilled fish but I needed a suitable home for them! I printed out a fish bowl shape, gave it a quick wash of colour with my gorgeous twinkling H2Os, and they soon settled in!

(Sorry, the pictures arent brilliant, I had to use the camera on my phone as my "proper" camera has run out of batteries and I didnt have any replacements!)

After the fish had been sorted out, I came across a partly quilled cupcake that I made a while ago, and matched that up with paper and ric rac to make a quick but pretty card. Ooh, forgot to say, I made the spotty blue paper myself too in Paint Shop Pro, I always feel especially proud when I use background paper that I have created myself!

I also made some cards with felt flowers on, but I think this post is getting a bit long so I will add them tomorrow!


  1. Oh they are gorgeous!
    This fish are so sweet and well done on the backing paper!
    You should feel proud! :D
    ~Buffy x x

  2. I love the fish - they are soooo cute! The cup cake is lovely too!

    x x x

  3. Lovely card nice of you to give them to Charity.

  4. Your cards are beautiful!! Love your pretty blog, and thanks for stopping by mine!!

  5. These are way too cute!
    I love how quilling can be incorporated into so many different mediums.

    Keep on Quillin',